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Springloaded roller blind

Easy to use Spring Loaded Roller Blinds

Which is better Spring loaded roller blinds or roller blinds with a chain

Not many people know about Spring loaded blinds, and when they do, they are a little sceptical about having them, due to customers not being use to them

We have a customer in Cardiff with an issue, where they had a big space and limited budget, the customer wanted individual Roller blinds for optimum control while not obstructing their view and access to their garden.

The Client was getting new neighbours, with construction of new houses behind their home, this is why the need for security and privacy came about

Biggest problem in this environment, is the chain and safety, the client likes having the doors open in the summer, they designed their space around this, the kitchen was open, the front door to the kitchen/living room was open also, and this went to the back triple sliding doors.

With a blind covering each window meant the middle blind was going to be a problem with the chain having to hang midway, not secured and a hazard to people.

With Blinds today it is a requirement for us to safely secure the chains, if we do not we can be liable for a lot of problems with the new child safety laws on blinds, where we offered the suggestion of Spring loaded roller blinds

the customer was open to it, We at Custom blinds Wales needed to do some research, but we found out what we needed from the manufacturers, updated the customer and got the order

The results were amazing, the customer loved them, the control and the ease of use with out the blinds being a hazard to people made it worth it to the customer, with a copper look bottom bar for the customer to grab easily, the end result made the customer happy with the selection!

Would you like some Roller, perhaps you would also like some spring loaded roller blinds that you can pull down quicker over a slower chain operated roller blinds, a quick tug and the roller blind is moving up, guided by your hand to the top, instead of rolling the blind to the top that takes 30seconds


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