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Springloaded roller blind

Roller Blinds without chains

We fitted Roller Blinds in Cardiff that needed to be chainless

the Customer had a unique problem, one where they needed quite a big area covered, needed it covered soon due to new houses going up but didnt want to have things in the way of the customers bi-folding doors

We couldnt really put things in the windows (IE perfect fits) and the customer had their heart set on roller blinds

biggest problem in this environment is the chains and safety, the client likes having the doors open in the summer, they designed their space around this.

With Blinds today it is a requirement for us to safely secure the chains, if we do not we can be liable for a lot of problems!

how can you secure the chance when the door moves and people will be walking through the space randomly

Hence my suggestion of springloaded pull blinds, the client added a copper look bar to the bottom, the end result was stunning!


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