Custom Blinds Wales

when you need to relax

I like blinds, I have installed them in lots of places!

from conservatories to some strange roofs to standard window blinds, you get to see some awesome situations!

majority of people look for blinds for comfort, to have a relaxing space!

My friend also runs a Bath bomb business called, Cariad Bomb, we are going to help link to each other as we found commonailities in customers and business!

both our customers buy from us due to service, but customers are looking to relax! have their time and space!

give the wensite a look and see what bath bombs can do for your mind space!

I love lavender bath bombs

the aroma sends me straight back to my younger days, where I was first experiencing new aromas, and i can always remember that day, my dads avairy and the cockatiels chirping in the back ground when he first brought in a branch from the neighbours place, the smell was impacting, created a memory that i liked!

Have a look, create your memories again when you are next in the bath

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