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Pleated blinds with honey comb win a conservatory

Beautiful pleated blinds for windows

Should you pick pleated blinds for  your windows

Not many people think about Pleated Blinds when thinking about what type of blinds they would like for their windows.

But if you are looking at having roller blinds, Pleateds might offer more benefits.

Why select Pleated Blinds

There is a lot of positives for picking Pleateds, one is variety of colours and how well they fit in a window space.

We installed some blinds in a Conservatory, the customer wanted to control the level of the blind so they were not blinded by the sun, and lower and raise blinds as the sun moved around the south facing conservatory, leaving the room to having maximum exposure of light in their conservatory (sitting room)

The customer first rang me looking at Venetians. although a good option, after talking over the pro’s and con’s and what the customer was looking for from blinds, they decided it wouldn’t fit.

The customer had had other blinds firms in, and no other firms had gone over why Venetians wouldn’t help them, when folded up, the hanging height of the venetian blinds would be very low and blocking some of the clients windows

After offering other suggestions, I came up with Pleated Blinds, the customer was a little bit interest and asked to see the samples.

We presented the samples and talked about the benefits!

What are the benefits

The good thing about Pleated Blinds is how tight they bunch up, pleated occupies very little space in the recess roof.

The other good think is how tight the pleated’s can get to the sides of the wall, leaving very thin gaps between the blinds and the side of the wall.

The down side of roller blinds is that they have a chain spool and the bracket gap that the blind sits in, on the side, this area isnt covered by the roller blinds fabric, leaving a gap if you would like to further insulate your home!

This isn’t the same with pleated blinds, with the control at the front, or if you like, you can eliminate the controls and go for tension pleated where you can hand adjust the blind to sit where you feel is best.

Some Pleated blinds have a honey cone shape, this gives it a double wall, you can also find pleated’s with a foil lining, this helps keep heat in the room during the winter and cooler in the summer minimizing your rooms exposure to the elements outside.

Have a look at the the picture we took of the customers Honey cone pleated blinds and see how they look and see what a god job they do

The customers Blinds

Pleated blinds with honey cone

The customers window was over 4meters long, each window that we are covering with Pleated Blinds was about 2100 in length, these windows were quite long, luckily we were able to cover in one length, with Pleated materials having a uncut length limit of 2200.

In the picture above, you can see how tight pleated sit in Recesses or spaces where you are looking to cover, the pleated blinds look and act like a wall, and the room felt warmer when the blinds were down, if you are looking to insult your home, Pleated are worth considering.

When the blind was contracted and pulled to the top, they weren’t obstructing the view, which helped the customer, we fitted these blinds to a slanted roof, which was a problem for Venetians blinds,  this wasnt a major issues with Pleated blinds.

You would have a hard time getting the blinds this tight with Venetians and roller blinds.

If you are looking for blinds for insulating your windows, consider Pleated blinds, they offer a lot of benefits with minimum fuss, the Pleateds are easy to operate and fit in a majority of places

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