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Chainless Vertical Blinds protect Fur-babies

Vertical Chainless Blinds
Vertical Chainless Blinds
Chainless Vertical Blind, these have a lot of advantages, less mess and breakages
The lady that ordered these in Blackwood, needed Blinds in her window for privacy, but had cats (3 if I remember correctly) that love basking in the windows
The problem with verticals is the chain at the bottom, she feared for he cat, or the cats breaking the chains.
Luckily, we can supply chainless bottoms, the chainless vertical Blinds was the perfect option for the customer
Vertical chainless Blinds are safer around kids and fur-babies alike.
But they are also different from standard verticals, a good talking point for something new and added privacy in your windows, while allowing you to have things like pictures still on your window sill!
These can come in many styles to suit you and your décor, these about are splash snow, a lovely white range for all occasions, great for wet areas and easy to manage
Chainless Vertical Blinds shows just how much you can do with blinds, the options are great, Verticals can work in many environments,
The question is how can we help, what are the problems you would like us to help with we offer suggestions and solutions.
Free quotes, we offer free quotes, this gives a chance to show you the options, work through the measurement, and show you the samples
We don’t hard sell, we offer suggestions and thank you for allowing us to show you our stock
I hope these help give you inspiration. please message us if you need help or call on
01633 900350

2 thoughts on “Chainless Vertical Blinds protect Fur-babies”

  1. I’m glad you talked about how vertical blinds are safer for both children and pets. This will be helpful for my mother who needs blinds in her windows for privacy, however, she wants chainless vertical blinds because of how her dog might break them if it has one. I’m glad that I found your article and I’ll make certain that she considers your shop, thanks!

    1. Hi Taylor.

      thank you very much for your comment, we are glad you found the article helpful.

      yes a lot of customers have this problem, myself included, my cat loves the window, and struggles or sometimes is sleeping in the chain at the bottom , this leads to a lot of issues, at minimum, the chain come off, at worse, well I’d rather not think about this.

      We offer this to our customer on consultation, and would welcome helping your Mom when you are ready.

      again, thank you for the comment, and we look forward to your phone call.

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