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Roller Blind in purple

Beautiful Roller blind with Scallop and Braid

Roller Blind in purple
Roller Blind in purple with Scallops and Braids to match the border


I installed this Roller blind in the customers Daughters bedroom.

I love getting unique phone calls like this, and when we find and solve the customers problems, it makes the job even more enjoyable


Please see the picture!

We had to find a fabric that matched the border, it was a challenge, but we found one very close, to add with a scallop finishes with a Braided bottom to weigh the Scallop down!

Roller Blinds come in a verity of fabrics, you get the biggest range to select from, this roller blinds in a Purple matched this customers needs, made to measure, would you like one?

Roller Blind in Blackout material is a top pick for bedrooms, blocking out more light and easy to operate with beautiful finishing’s, you know your bedrooms décor and blind will match.


Give us a call and allow us to show you our fabrics and give you a quote, free no obligation, you could be surprised by how little it cost to make your house look lovely

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