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Perfect fits for patio doors and why I recommend them

I have a lot of customers needing their patio doors covered!

In some places, this isn’t a problem, they have stunning fields to look over, neighbours do not or can not see in.

These houses are the exception, not the rule, most houses have a house in their windows line of sight! this is worse in big windows, with adjoining gardens, and neighbours houses on similar level to your home, you will always have a curiosity to look in through your window.

It is in our nature to look into spaces, which is why when we are walking down a street and there is a void, gap or open space to look into, we will look, this could be looking out for danger, or curiosity.

I have customers asking me, what’s best for this sort of area, customer preference does come into play, but, I always suggest Perfect fits.

Venetian Perfect fit Blinds are great for patio doors, and seamlessly mould in with other venetian types, Perfect fit comes with roller blinds and pleated, Venetians seem to be the popular.

Perfect fits are a framed blind that fits close to the glass, clips are slid between the rubber and the glass, the aluminium frame, clips on to these clips, securing the frame in place!

The way the Perfect fits are secured is why I love them, when you open the door, the blind travels with the door, the clips hold the blind in place that stops it rattling or hitting the the door, this stops the blind being damaged.

With the blind attached to the window, you have more space, a tidier look and a quality blind to cover your windows with!

Another benefit to perfect fits is pets, your pets are able to look out the window, just pulling the blind up from the bottom, you can give your pet a space to see out from. while moving your blind out of their ability to damage the slats on venetians

enquire about perfect fits today and see what they can do for your windows


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