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Stunning Venetian Blinds for your windows

Venetian Blinds
50mm Stunning Venetian Blinds with Tapes

Venetian blinds for stunning looking windows

Moving home, Updating and decorating your house?  Wood or Faux wooden Venetian blinds are a great addition to your windows, Venetian blinds fit inside the window recess perfectly which makes your rooms look bigger and brighter, 

Venetians come in a wide range of colours and grain effect, you can also upgrade the look of your blinds with tapes, you will find the style that matches your rooms decoration!

We visit your property, professionally measure, supply and fitting with our competitive price, see how the samples look in your home before ordering, with your windows being professionally measured!

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There are many reasons to Select Wooden or Faux wood style blinds for your window, here are a few listed below:-

    1. Better light control and privacy with blinds:

A fully exposed window that is south facing provides your room with a lot of light, this can be a problem with you want to sit comfortable and watch the TV, read a book or play on the computer, worse still is keeping the curtains closed all the time and letting no light in, with Venetian blinds, you can tilt and turn the Slats of the blinds to close off the majority of the light, this also stops people seeing into your rooms without blocking out the light fully, venetian blinds are a win win when you want comfort, privacy and style to match

                2. Better Insulation than Curtains:

Venetian blinds come in different materials such as wood, metal and Faux Wood (Plastic), Venetian adds an extra layer between your room and the cold pressing against the glass from outside. Venetian blinds help reduce heating costs substantially during winter. This is made possible by trapping heat and preventing it from escaping your room. Blinds do reflect heat coming from the outside during summer to keep your room cool, thus reducing your dependency on cooling appliances.

50mm Wooden Venetian Blinds
50mm Wooden Venetian Blinds in the Kitchen
50MM Faux wood Venetian Blinds
50MM Faux wood Venetian Blinds White
50MM Faux wood Venetian Blinds with tapes
50MM Faux wood Gray Venetian Blinds with tapes
    1. Cleaning is Simple:

Cleaning and maintenance of curtains is harder than maintaining Venetian blinds, Curtains can easily catch dust and even though they aren’t visibly dirty, Curtains also take a great deal of time to remove them, wash them (hand wash in some cases depending on the fabric), and subsequently hang them to dry. This can take almost a day to manage.

It is much easier to clean blinds than curtains. All you require is a cloth and some soapy water, you don’t even have to remove the blinds, you can even use a brush to clean the Venetians, I have used a paint brush to clean the slats, it takes 5 minutes with a paint brush to take the dust the slats off, Additionally, Venetian blinds do not attract germs and pollen, hence they are safer to use than Curtains.

               4. High Durability:

Faux Wood and Wooden Venetian blinds are high durability and require less maintenance. Due to the way Venetians are fitted, the recess of the window, this acts as a frame, this means they are less likely to get hit by foreign objects, if your windows are open, due to the weight of the Venetian blinds, they are less likely to be move in the wind and hit other objects. Venetian blinds, can simply sit in the recess many years without any needing any major maintenance.

While both curtains and venetian blinds work well in terms of privacy, venetian blinds sets the right balance between privacy, light control and look. Now you can see the benefit you can get from venetian blinds, why not book a free measure Today? Phone us at custom blinds Wales, we will visit you and Measure your window and show you our range of  samples we have for Venetian blinds, we give a no obligation quote.

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