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Curved Vertical blinds

Curved Vertical blinds for your bay windows

Are Curved Vertical blinds better for your bay windows

We got an interesting customer, and we do not get many of them after being in the industry so long, supplying blinds.

Here came a phone call a customer wanted a Curved Vertical Blinds for his bay windows, not wanting a blind covering each window, as is normally the case, but our customer wanted to only control one blind, he didnt want to have to open 5 blinds in the living room, 5 blinds in the bedroom, its quite the pain!

so we want down to his house, showed a solution, and luckily we did a curved blind in the past, so we had contacts to help the client with their problem came up with the solution, got the measurements called our manufactures got some quotes and information that we needed.

we revisited finalised the options took the final measurements and got the order!

How the install went!

We got the Curved Vertical blinds in on a pallet and safely packed, all looked good, we then phoned our client and arranged a day to fit, we were excited, the client was excited, day was booked!

The last time we did a cured vertical blinds we forgot to record the blind being installed to show the end results, we got a Video this time, and the result is stunning, have a look

I hope you like, sorry about some of the angles, I had to move myself around a babies bed, so wasn’t easy.

What else can be shaped

So what other blinds can be shapped, as I found out, quite alot, of course, it all comes down to what you are willing to accept blinds as they come to fit on tight corners or slightly annoying gaps, you can gain your privacy and light control in your bedrooms without having to resort to curtains if you no not like curtains.

Picture of shaped blinds

you can see in the picture above, that there are some interesting shapes and the blinds are covering them nicely, our manufactures have done verticals in a  venetian format for a Yacht! it was like an amazing job and piece of engineering!

When it comes to having shaped blinds, you are going to expect to have a premium product, this is worth it, it gives you something that no one else has or could ever have

Do you have a need?

do you have an interesting window, or space that needs a blind, instead of curtains you could potentially get a shaped blinds to fill the gap/void lets see what we can do and make your window even more interesting to have.

lets start measuring your windows and see what suits you, its not a standard process, it does take a bit longer, but the end result is worth it!

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