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Purple Roman blinds with Venetian Perfect fits

Purple Roman blinds with Venetian Perfect fits are quite an interesting combination.

This is what the customer needed, and the end result won her over.

The customer needed a blind that would stop people looking in and allow the customer to see our and have light still come in while They worked from home.

The customer did want Curtains, but the setting didn’t really allow for curtains, the customer didn’t want curtains to take up space that was for her sofa.

When the night comes in, the customer wants to shut out the outside, the Roman Blind comes down and sit on the top of the sofa.

The Colour was being bold, and was selected to off set the lack of colour in the room, and when fitted, it made the difference, set the room right off!

When the Roman blind is up, it tucks away between the roof and the Recess, and won be seen from the outside, Roman Blinds biggest benefit over curtains, is that they don’t restrict light when opened, curtains, when opened, unless their drawn length is past the recess, then to protrude over the recess still.

This overlap of curtain over the recessed area restricts a lot of light, darkening a room more than needed.

The design the customer picked allows for maximum privacy and light control, while allowing the customer to have a solid fabric curtain effect on the window.

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Have a look at the picture, and see the dog admiring our work

Purple Roman blinds Purple Roman blinds Purple Roman blinds with Perfect fit clinds

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