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The 250cm Venetian blinds was broken down to two 65cm venetian blinds to cover the casement windows and one 120cm Venetian blind

250cm venetian blinds or in sections? which is better

250cm Venetian Blinds on big windows?

We measured for a job about a year and a half ago we measure a house in Newport with big windows.

The lady we measured for was old and had bad wrists.

They wanted new blinds and to go for Venetians, the problem is she wouldn’t be able to pull them up due to bad wrists.

Luckily this wasn’t an issue, they had two casement windows, this provided two Mullion post to work with

On talk with the customer and presenting a case for having three Venetians instead on one long venetian, they were open to it and took us up on this idea.

The Plan

The 250cm Venetian blind was broken down to two 65cm venetian blinds to cover the casement windows and one 120cm Venetian blind

The benefits of having a long window split down is maximum control, and minimum weight when pulling the blinds up

An addition benefit that helped the customer was the ability to open the windows without having to pull up one big blind, and they only have to pull up the one blind that is covering the window, MAXIMUM control!

The customer selected white wood Venetian blinds with tapes, this is a high quality product and give maximum light reflecting from the slats into the room.

More benefits

Another additional benefit is light control from Blinds, depending on time of year, and how low the sun is, you might not get the sun on the screen or in your eyes, but sometimes it is unavoidable, , where you are sitting, or where the sun is blinding, tends to be a focused spot in your vision.

The split blinds allows you to block out that zone and still keep light coming in where its not a nuisance to you.


When it comes to Blinds, it is a marry off between control of the area over the purpose of the blinds (IE privacy or décor) with the annoyance of operating each blinds, the upside is that blinds tend to only be opened or close on the slats, most people don’t pull up the venetian unless they want to clean the window!

This splitting of the blinds has more benefits over a full length one in our opinion, and our customers, they were that happy that her daughter had the same in her house!

See the picture of the daughters house and see how from the outside, how the blind still looks like one blinds (forgive me I forgot to take a photo inside)

We have done venetian blinds for big windows before in single lengths, this is 250cm venetian blinds and above, I think the biggest we have done is nearly 4 meters long

As we say to all our customers is, environment dictates and how that environment fits you.

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