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Do Venetian blinds with tapes need to match to be unique

We at Custom Blinds Wales fitted Venetian blinds with tapes

Now, this isn’t unusual, what is unusual is the customer didn’t choose the matching tapes!

We always suggest to customers to pick what fits best, their environment and their decor

When I’m asked about tapes, I show them a slide that has the matching tape list

What’s popular

Majority of our customers follow this list, and the blinds look beautiful, its comfort, when relaxing, you don’t want different matching tapes if you are not that type of person!

There is some circumstances where the mould is broken and it suits the blinds and environment to have different colour tapes!

It does take some being brave, and a good blinds sales man will guide you in your level of comfort, this is what we do at Custom Blinds Wales.

Our bold customer

With the Venetians in the pictures below, white with Fine Grain, the tapes for these are normally cotton, the tapes the customer selected was Pebble, a sort of offish colour, very similar to a pebble on a beach.

The White slats are great at reflecting light in the room, while matching the walls, once wall and floor is a beige style of colour that that tapes bounced off, as well as matched the flooring.

This shows it is ok to be bold, or just keep it colour coded, your blinds are made for you.



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