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Red Venetians blinds looks stunning

Metal Red venetian blinds
Red Venetian blinds in a kitchen
Metal Red venetian blinds
Red Venetian blinds in a kitchen


I had a customer, that needed a certain blind to fit with the look of their kitchen!

Out came the samples and the hunt for the perfect looking red slat for the blind.

the customer found one that they felt fitted the décor they would like, the problem, they had chosen the blind, but the kitchen wasn’t finished.

the customer went with the order anyway, as the price was with in their budget and the slat fitted what they had in their mind.

The order took about 10days to be delivered to my office, I rang the customer and  we arranged a day for us here at custom blinds Wales we be able to fit,

On fitting the blind, I immediately noticed the quality and the attention to detail, the housing at the top of the blind, that holds the mechanisms, was in Red also, the colour of the slats just shined in our customers kitchens

Please see the photos, the customer was over the moon! and I was also, this project was great to work on, I love it when jobs look like this after I finished fitting

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