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can you get blackout Venetian blinds

I get asked if Venetian blinds can black out windows, especially if a customer would like a set of Venetian blinds in their bedrooms.

The Answer is unfortunately a Yes and no.

Venetians blinds are black out in a sense, that when they are closed, the material, wood, metal or plastic, will not let light through.

The problem is that light bends/folds, and there is a string gap between the blinds

The Venetian is supported on a ladder cord system, this helps the venetian slats pully that is housed in the housing, tilt the slats into closing or opening!

Venetian blinds have a slight gap between each slat, light finds its way through this, its lights nature, the light that passed through the string gap is very minimal.

There is a way of reflective more of this light out of the room with Venetian blinds.

Venetian Blinds can have slats’ face facing into the room, with the gap pointing to the floor, tilting the slats face the other way, where the slats face out of the room, towards the window, this allows the surface to reflect more light out of the room and hinders more light folding through the slats gaps!

Venetian Blinds are great at controlling light in the room, if you need more light in your room, tilt the slats face inwards, to dim the light out while you are watching TV, tilt the Venetian Blinds slats face so the face is pointing out of the room, towards the window and the reflective surface will direct light outwards, while having a angled wall against the light.

Venetians are great, provide a lot of benefits, and the above mentioned is one of the biggest benefits, Light control.

If you need a blind that provides privacy and light control, Venetians are a solution to these problems.

Again, it comes down to your environment, what best suits your needs also.

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