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35mm venetian white blinds

35mm venetian white blinds the customer loved!

35mm venetian white blinds in Pontypool

Our lovely customer in Pontypool and we fitted 35mm venetian white blinds

The customers contacted us to give them a quote after getting our leaflet, the  customer had blinds, but were really old and dated!

The customer had broke them when pulling them up to clean their windows, the sun had done its work to the plastic and weakened it over the years.

While I showed my samples and left them with the customer as we measured the windows, we noticed the depth of the window recess, their original blinds were 25mm venetian blinds, as I was measuring the kitchen window I suggested a 35mm venetian

After measuring all the windows, the customer only wanted the front of the house covered! this was the kitchen and two bedrooms.

Fitted the 3 blinds, customer was over the moon, we left to have another phone call a few days later asking us to measure the other windows!

That happy with the blinds

Came back and get the measurements for 6 additional windows, fitted the remaining 6 blinds, and the pictures we have of the finished job is beyond stunning!

The blinds add additional light, easy of use, and PRIVACY.

You could feel the comfort levels increase in the room, better reading light and more privacy for them you are relaxing!

If you would like a quote, please call us on 01633 900350

35mm venetian white blinds 35mm venetian white blinds 35mm venetian white blinds 35mm venetian white blinds 35mm venetian white blinds

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