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Grey blackout roller blinds with a valance cover solved a problem

See how the grey roller blinds spring-loaded with a valance solved our clients problems leaving them over the moon with our service


We had a customer that needed a blackout blind to cover their window due to having migraines!

The intense light and heat over the summer proved to much for her,

The customer was finding it hard to escape the light in all rooms that were south facing!

I got a call visited and we went over the problems and what idea they had in mind, we got out our samples, left the customer to look through and found one that matched what they were looking for, but the customer had another concern, the client didnt want to see the blind unless it was down!

I offered a few options, and came on a great way to solve this, I had to use two of my suppliers but the result was AMAZING!

From one supplier I ordered the grey roller blinds spring-loaded, this is a no chain option that lets you pull the blind down instead chain operating, these blinds are impressive on a good day, but with this set up, it complimented it!

The valances came from another supplier, a white fascia that would fit in front of the roller blinds, blocking the view, but also filling the recess gap!

The result had me happy, I visualised it as a good fix, but the pictures do justice! the client was over the moon, her son was happy as well!

If you need a blind to help stop the light or to give you more privacy either roller or something else, we are here to help


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