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christmas and blinds ordering

Christmas is coming so is the deadline for getting your orders in.

The last orders are the 5th of December, even in house manufactures might not have the stock in that effects timing.

It takes roughly two to three weeks to manufacture and deliver the blinds to us.

The biggest rush is between now and the mid of December.

We want to help, but are limited by the manufacturers, would you like you blinds ready for Christmas and to show off, or fancy a present that your family or friend needs in their window.

You would be surprised how many people buy blinds for their loved ones, its a great gift, they are in the window for all to see, when you visit or when ever your friend looks at their window, they remember you and your generosity.

Blinds are a great gift, that doesnt cost the earth. if you are looking for a present then Blinds could be an idea.

or try Bath Bombs, Bath Bombs also are an easy inexpensive gift to give to people you love and you will know they will better and more relaxed after their bath.

Cariad Bomb is a friend of ours and we are show casing them in this blog, and their products are second to none!

Get your Christmas gift ready and lets relax in comfort and privacy at the end of this year.

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