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to add tapes or to not ad tapes on your Venetian Blinds

A lot of customers ask me about tapes on their Venetian blinds, and ask will it work in my windows, they are narrow!

It is a good question, and a valid concern.

I have mentioned in past posts that a majority of customers have an image in their mind, they want the blinds to look a certain way, and when blinds last 10+ years, you don’t want to hate them from day one!

so, blinds with tapes in narrow windows, I have a few picture to look at, with New builds using narrower windows in their rooms now, this is becoming more common!

Above we have a day window with tapes, this Bey allows more light in as standard, but it is still a good example, the windows are very narrow, as well as long, this immediately gives us a look at how the tapes would look!

Each blinds tapes will be seen from outside, this make the aesthetics of the blinds more appeasing, framing the blind and making it feel stronger and a higher quality!

50MM Faux wood Venetian Blinds with tapes
50MM Faux wood Grey Venetian Blinds with tapes

Here is a wider window with a Venetian blind and tapes! again, you can see the added quailty, while the aesthetics doesn’t diminish in the settings, and that’s half the battle, getting it to fit in the setting, if you get that right, you WIN!

Which is why, blinds companies now visit you in your house, it makes selecting the right product for you, easier, you have our product selection to dive into and fit in your setting!

what about a wide window with no tapes for context

50MM Real wood Venetian Blinds

Here we have a real Venetian wooden blind, this shows that the back ground is the more important part of the blind, letting in more light, the framing effect of the tapes has gone!

This isn’t a bad thing, this is a choice thing, customers choose blinds for many different reason, and its what is important to you!


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