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Planning your blinds for new decorations in 2023 to Perfection

When is it best to order your new blinds

So, you have taken your room back to the wall, or are just fed up of the current decorations/style and you want a change.

This could be from stripping the wall paper to a lick of paint, to taking the plaster or artexing off (why people liked this is beyond me comment below the benefits and see if you can change my mind about artexing, you never know it could be a fund debate)

So you are at the planning stages or coming to the end, and part of the plan is for new blinds, you think to yourself, shall we get the blinds person into measure after we have painted/papered the wall?

The truth is that blinds take roughly 3 weeks to make and be delivered, I’m hoping this blog helps you and your plans so you can have everything finished at the same time, instead of waiting on this or that to come and the project stretching out beyond your patience as well.

Take this real life customer example, they called us up, and planned to have us in and fitting the blinds just after the carpets was fitted, the walls will be painted before the carpets was going to be fitted (the husband was doing the painting) and we were the final part of the plan.

What happened

When I went to the customers home, they had sheets everywhere and no carpets on the floor, I advised when of the timing, and they said that works roughly in with what we want, they mentioned that they were having the carpets fitted on a Tuesday the 20th and wanted us to fit the blinds after this date.

I looked at the calendar, and this worked out great timing for me and the customer, I worked out that we will get the blinds and be able to install them after the carpet is fitted.

When we get the blinds we phone you up and we can set the day that is best for you to install the blinds when every you need, I have held blinds in my office for 6 weeks due to a problem in a customers house, the customer was thankful and I get a lot of recommendations due to how well we work with our customers.

We want this stressful time to be a less stress when it comes to blinds as possible, we are here to take that weigh of your shoulder and leave you with a finish that you can now sit and relax in!

When it comes to your new years project, please invite us in for a quote and see how our timings can fit in with your projects for the best fluid transformation of your homes.

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