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Is Price of blinds important when it comes to selecting Blinds

Is Price of blinds or functionality Important

The short answer is “Yes” to both

The Long answer is, Depends on both also and can you meet in the middle

I know, it is never helpful when people give wishy washy answer like this, but when I visit customer, they do have a budget, an upper and lower budget, but its whether or not those blinds fit into that “budget”

So What is important

When, We (Custom Blinds Wales) visit our customer homes to give a free quote, we have a strict process of talking through with our customers needs, what are the customers looking for, we are not shy about putting that first, even to our detriment when we suggest a competitor that we think can help the customer better.

To us, its the customers happiness that is first, our star reviews on google, checkatrade and other site speak for itself on this, our process is to get the end product to fit the environment and the customers needs, within the price that matching the price of blinds that the customer is willing to spend within their limit, this is why we say “depends” above.

Take this example, say a customer wants to block the light out, but want to keep their window sill while allowing for a full view of the outside world when the blind is up, the customer has a particular blind in their mind, but when talking over the pro’s and con’s of that blind we come up with another type that will work better, if

This other type of blind does 90% of what you want, but is outside your price scope of your upper and lower limit, what then, the good thing about blinds, there is always a fabric, there is upper and lower limits that suit, and you can find a way of making things “match”

Is perfection the key or functionality!

This is the Ultimate question in a sense, when it comes to blinds, looking good sometimes tops the functionality of customers requirements, is this a bad thing, well no, the customer know what fits, and the functionality can fit the needs after if the look of the blinds fits in the place.

I know it sounds technical what I’m saying, but I often say it like this to customers.

“When you are sat down, will this blind annoy you”

And this is what matters, you are spending a lot of money, and the last thing you want is a blind you do not like in the long term, a blind that annoys you due to it not fitting in how you envisioned how your rooms look.

when customers get their heads together on this, the results are GREAT, they work through the problem and the solutions, the blind then fit with their needs, they think about things and the functionality seems to work in with the design, I have many a great chat with my customers when it comes to selecting the right blind, the path and the reason we go down is varied, but the end result is the same, satisfaction with results.

So which is it

When you have your budget, you can start asking for advice, do not be scared of this, we blinds companies (whether it is me or someone else) are there to help, this is why we offer free measures, we want to show our samples, and help guide you to getting the blinds fitted that you need, or at least, leaving you with advice that works!

So, if you have a project that you would love a free quote and measure on, and a chance to see the samples, please call us on 01633 900350

we will visit and we offer a no stress free obligation quote

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