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best blinds for bay windows

What are the best blinds for bay windows?

When you have bay windows, it is hard to figure what best suits your bay windows, you constantly ask “what are the best blinds for bay windows”, and it s a good question.

Where to start

Some of my customers have it easy, they have a preference in mind, or they want to update their blinds to something new, a new style a new look, and have tried other blinds.

But what if you just moved in and are trying to figure out the matching style, with many different types of blinds to select from, is isn’t easy to select what is best blinds for bay windows, do you want more light or more privacy, is this from venetian or verticals, will you just want to cover the area or just just the window which blocks out the window at night, but gives you maximum light exposure in the day, like with rollers and Roman blinds

The benefits of each blind

Lets look at the benefits of each blind, what and why these blinds are the best blinds for bay windows

Verticals Blinds

Verticals are great for privacy, and when the sun is low and angled, you can adjust Verticals to make a wall against the light angle, while allowing light to still enter and keep your room bright.

Most people go with verticals for privacy, the added designs on vertical slats helps match a great selection of décor in their room.

Verticals can cover the worst parts of bay windows at affordable price, when you have a 3 sided bay, there is a chance of the corners being exposed to the outside, this is a problem with Venetians, verticals have this, but the slats have a higher chance of covering this angled corner, if your blind company is experienced enough, there shouldn’t be a problem.

You can get curved rail for Bow Bay windows, we are currently waiting on an order to install some of these, a very niche project, one we are excited for, we will write a blog in the future about this project this is why we have included vertical blinds in this best blinds for bays windows selection

Verticals win for privacy.

Venetian Blinds

Venetians are popular for a reason, people like light rooms with the ability to control the amount people can see into your room at a very good price, Venetians are great for this.

when it comes to the best blinds for bay windows, We have installed a lot of Venetian blinds in bay windows, and can offer advice when selecting, the biggest downside (along side verticals) is the amount of window sill space the venetians take up.

Venetians are great for box bay windows and angled bay windows, but curved (bow bay) is another story. we have installed venetians into bow bay, and we have to have a venetian for each window, if there is 5 windows sections, then there is 5 venetians blinds for each of the sections.

There is also the thickness of the slates and the point in which the venetians meet at the angles, due to Venetians needing to be fitted a handles width away from the window frame, this adds another obstacle that adds to the problem of the gap at the sides, this gap can be minimised, but its not easy, and your installer needs to be very experienced.

Venetians for lighter rooms.

Shutters in bays

Shutter eliminate the above problems of venetians, with pillars and shutters  being an enclosed unit in a sense, with great thermo-insulation properties, shutters are popular, and worth the investment just for this reason.

Shutters set themselves apart when selecting your best blinds for bay windows, they are solid and look stunning in windows, with privacy and light and security, you know they investment in shutter is worth the cost.

You get a lot of the perks of venetians with very little down side, there is a slight downside, some shutters restrict light a bit more, but not a massive amount, the corners are covered, and they do look stunning in the bays.

Roller Blinds and Roman blinds

This is another favourite in bays, its comes down needs, if you are in an elevated position, you can just have Roller or Roman Blinds if you think that they are the best blinds for bays in your needs.

You really need to look at your set up first, and from there take into account the bay shape, Bow bays are better for these types of blinds.

the other options, especially for Roman blinds, is to put the blind at the front of the recess, or cover the recess, these are great options for all types of bays, first, you keep your window space, second, you dont have to operate as many blinds in one go. another plus is that you can block out the maximum light and add in extra insulation along side privacy at night.

The roman blind can look better, tidier and neater than curtains when thinking about the above fitting, and roller blinds have a great amount of options to match your room colour coding, worth considering this above option when it comes to the best blinds for bay windows.

Perfect Fits for bays

Perfect Fits are brilliant, they have so may up sides for the best blinds for bay windows, the biggest down side is if you have a bay of 6 windows (3 lower and 3 upper windows) you have to have 6 blinds made up for each window, this isn’t cheap to start with, but the up sides outweigh this.

When it comes to Perfect fit blinds, Venetian and pleated blinds are king, when picking Perfect fits like with roller and venetians topics above, you need to look at your needs, from light control to privacy, then you can select the best options.

Venetians perfect fits can act like a roller blind as well, this is a benefit, of the way the venetian perfect fit acts in the tension slide frame, with Venetian perfect fit blinds, you get two blinds in one.

Perfect fits are great if you want more space on your window and you would like the frame to match the window colour, we achieved this with coloured frame that added to the look of the perfect fits

As you can see from the bay above, we put a brown frame on the perfect fits, the standard frame is a white frame, and if we have selected white, it would have over powered the effect the customer was trying for, the customer was over the moon with the end result, the customer also loved their ornament on their window sill, something that they couldn’t have with other blinds!

If you have a bay window and are looking for the best blinds for bay windows that you would like advice on, please call on 01633 900350


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